Solar Pump Systems

Detailed Product Description


Geographically on the Earth the Area between Tropic of cancer and Tropic of Capricorn is the most potential space for Solar energy & the India is located in the same, where the daily average sunlight is about 7-8 hours throughout the year.

The day time temperature ranging form 10 C to 45 C are beginning to the operation of the Standlone Photo Voltaic (SPV) system where average solar irrdiation is 5.0- 5.5 Kwh/M2 /Day . Due to rich solar irrdiation the (SPV) system is considered as one of the most promising applications of renewable energy sources to supply power for the remote areas.

Recently the water demanding has been increased due to the rise in the population and the availability of the water has become more crucial than ever before.

A source of energy to pump water is also a big problem in many fertile areas. Developing a grid system is often too expensive because rural villages are frequently located too far away from existing grid lines. In this case the use of renewable energy is attractive for water pumping system in rural areas.

Salient Features of MAHAVIR's Solar Pump Systems

  • MPPT TECHNOLOGY (Maximum Power Point Tracking), the invert efficiency is over 95% in our solar powered pumps.
  • SOFT START TECHNOLOGY For Smooth start and to avoid initial Overloading.
  • High Quality material used for better and long life performance.
  • System can be operated by PV Solar Panel Or Grid Connection
  • Capacity : from small solar pumps 0.5 HP to 150 HP
  • Discharge: 10K LPD 150K LPD
  • Dynamic Head: 30Mtr 110 Meter

Benefits of MAHAVIR's Solar Pump Systems

  • High efficient water filled AC motor for reliability and to avoid oil contamination
  • Easy operation, less expenditure on system maintenance
  • Intelligent protection control and management on the system, in terms of low voltage, over voltage, over load, short circuit, deficiency of water in well, excess of water in tank, etc.
  • Easily repairable and replaceable design for less maintenance enditure.