Submersible 8w

Detailed Product Description

Mahavir 6w motor with coupling of 7" pump & 8" pump being a unique series (Janta Model) of submersible pumpsets deep well pumps has been engineered in order to get a high actual efficiency through the development of an innovative design of the impeller blade profiles. The semi-axial profile this allows pumps with limited dimension to have high capacity of discharge and head.

Mahavir 8w motor with coupling of 8" pump being a unique series of submersible pumpsets for the hydrodynamic configuration for semi-axial profile allows pumps with limited dimension to have high capacity of discharge and high head.

Pumpsets are suitable for water well of minimum size 8" (200mm) & 7" (178mm-Janta Model) or larger water wells. Continuous rating in 5º to 25º C water as per IEC 60034-1. Other temperatures up to 45º C also possible.


  • Noiseless operation & Low maintainance.
  • Better Efficiency, High Discharge & Low power consumption.
  • Good resistance against Sand and Silt.
  • Can Draw-up water from high depth.
  • Wet type water filled, easy rewindable sub. motors.
  • Highly durable designed for best possible hydraulic efficiency.


Specific Gravity : 1.004 max.
Chloride Content : 500 ppm. (max.)
Turbidity : 50 ppm. Silica scale (max.)
Allowable Soilds : 3000 ppm. (max.)
pH Value : 6.5 to 8.5
Temperature : 33º C (max.)
Permissible Amt. of Sand : 50 Grams / Cu. Meters. (Max.)


Discharge capacity : 130 LPM to 1250 LPM
Head Range : 15 Mtrs. to 230 Mtrs.
Motor H.P. : 15 to 75 H.P. (11kw to 55kw) 3 Ø Phase / 50Hz
Power Supply : 415V-180V Operating Voltage Range.
According to IEC 60034-1. Other voltage design
Possible up to 675V..
Max. Dia. of Pumpset : 188.0 mm.  (for 8W model)
166mm.      (for 6W/7 model - Janta Model)
188mm.      (for 6W/8 model - Janta Model)


Degree of protection : IP58
Insulation : Class B
Max. Starts Per Hour : 30 Numbers
Min. Starts Per Six Months : 01 Numbers


  • Stainless Steel Splined shaft with Neema Mounting Dimensions
  • Sand resistant construction
  • Kingsbury type Thrust Bearings
  • Axial thrust up to 18000 N for High Thrust Motor