Submersible 6w

Detailed Product Description

Mahavir 6w submersible deep well pumpsets has been engineered in order to get a high optimum efficiency through the development of an innovative design of the impeller blade profiles. The radial hydrodynamic configuration, which reduces the axial dimensions of the hydraulic elements, permits the use of a high number of stages in order to achieve high pressures and adequate capacities. The hydrodynamic configuration for semi-axial profile allows pumps with limited dimension to have high capacity of discharge and average head.

Mahavir 6w submersible pumpsets are available in Cast Iron Version , Stainless Steel Version for normal and heavy-duty motor. Stainless Steel 316 Version for acidic water.

Pumpsets are suitable for water well of minimum size 6" (150mm) or larger water wells having continuous rating in 5º to 25º C water as per IEC 60034-1. Other temperatures up to 45º C also possible.


  • Noiseless operation & Low maintainance.
  • Better Efficiency, High Discharge & Low power consumption.
  • Good resistance against Sand and Silt.
  • Can Draw-up water from high depth.
  • Wet type water filled, easy rewindable sub. motors.
  • Highly durable designed for best possible hydraulic efficiency.


Specific Gravity : 1.004 max.
Chloride Content : 500 ppm. (max.)
Turbidity : 50 ppm. Silica scale (max.)
Allowable Soilds : 3000 ppm. (max.)
pH Value : 6.5 to 8.5
Temperature : 33º C (max.)
Permissible Amt. of Sand : 50 Grams / Cu. Meters. (Max.)


Discharge capacity : 130 LPM to 1250 LPM
Head Range : 15 Mtrs. to 230 Mtrs.
Motor H.P. : 230V-120V Operating Voltage Range.
3.0 to 30 H.P. (2.2kw to 22kw) 3 Ø Phase/ 50Hz
415V-180V Operating Voltage Range.
According to IEC 60034-1. Other voltage design
Possible up to 675V.
Max. Dia. of Pumpset : 144 mm


Degree of protection : IP58
Insulation : Class B
Max. Starts Per Hour : 30 Numbers
Min. Starts Per Six Months : 01 Numbers


  • Stainless Steel Splined shaft with Neema Mounting Dimensions
  • Sand resistant construction
  • Kingsbury type Thrust Bearings
  • Axial thrust up to 18000 N for High Thrust Motor