Submersible 3w

Detailed Product Description

Mahavir 3w Submersible Pumpsets are wet-type motor with squirrel caged rotor, suitable for operation when completely immersed in water or water-based mixture. They are of the rewindable water bath type. The Pump radial hydrodynamic layout reduces the axial dimensions of the hydraulic elements, as well as avoiding elaborating an elevated number of stages to be used in order to obtain high pressures with modest flows.

Mahavir 3w Product is design for Best Efficiency and it is easily replaceble for jetpump & Handpump.

Pumpsets are suitable for water well of minimum size 3" (72mm) or larger water wells. Continuous rating in 4º C to 24º C water as per IEC 60034-1.


  • Motor are water bath water cooled for easy rewindable and replaceable (IC40)
  • Stator Rewindable and Replaceable at field.
  • Highly durable designed for best possible hydraulic efficiency.
  • Better Efficiency by High Discharge & Low power consumption.


Specific Gravity : 1.004 max.
Chloride Content : 500 ppm. (max.)
Turbidity : 50 ppm. Silica scale (max.)
Allowable Soilds : 3000 ppm. (max.)
pH Value : 6.5 to 8.5
Temperature : 33º C (max.)
Permissible Amt. of Sand : 25 Grams / Cu. Meters. (Max.)


Discharge capacity : 25 LPM to 70 LPM
Head Range : 10 Mtrs. to 50 Mtrs.
Motor H.P. : 0.5 to 2.0. H.P.(0.37kw to 1.5kw) 1 0/Phase /50Hz with 230V-140V Operating Voltage Range.
Max. Dia. of Pumpset : 72 mm


Degree of protection : IP58
Insulation : Class B
Max. Starts Per Hour : 30 Numbers
Min. Starts Per Six Months : 01 Numbers


  • Stainless Steel Splined shaft with Neema Mounting Dimensions
  • Sand resistant construction
  • Kingsbury type Thrust Bearings
  • Axial thrust up to 6500 N for High Thrust Motor